This gift package is for a wine, cheeze and chocolate lover. Great starter for a charcuterie board.

Wood Charcuterie Board with forest fire hemlock inlayed in Zebrawood by David Stepan. David personally  hand hammers the copper to create the copper utensils. In this case I added a cheese knife.

Nova Scotia cherry wine cork, highest quality as the cork is connected to the wood top by a dowel.  Turned by Stephen Zwerling in Boutliers Point.

100% cotton bowl holder by Doris Benedict of Wool-A-Fibre.

Cocoa Nibs by Chocolate Hackers.

Wine glass locally printed for Avondale Sky Winery.

Recommend adding a bottle of Avondale Sky wine to gift, sold separtely onsite at the winery and at the NSLC.

Tin not made locally.

Wine & Cheese Mom & Dad Gift Tin

SKU: ART-058
  • Bowl -

    Copper untensil approx. 5" long.

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