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David Stepan

From the peculiar grains of wood, and stone, to the warmth of hammered copper.

Employing his fine arts background and decades of experience as a bespoke cabinetmaker designer he creates extraordinary pieces, delightfully blurring the lines between art, service and decor.

Inlaying copper and woods into the canvas of a charcuterie (cheese) board elevates those boards into beautiful ART.

Sometimes the copper bow-tie bonds the board in strength, in all cases they are artistically laid.

Beautiful on the wall, showcased on a table and in use, covered in food.

Recently moving to Nova Scotia, his inlaid boards have evolved to include tree sections from  the 2016 Seven Mile Lake forest fire near his property in Queens County.

Hammered by David copper cheese tools further expands his Art for food, where he finds the purposeful expression of the hammer strike gratifying.​​

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